How do I enroll my school?

The service is currently open to some schools in Bath & North East Somerset

Currently Energy Sparks is open to schools in Bath & North East Somerset who are part of the council energy purchase scheme. As the council already holds your energy usage data this makes it easier for the data to be made available to Energy Sparks.

If your school is listed as eligible then you can currently enroll to use the service.

If your school is not yet listed then contact us to express your interest.

We aim to make the service available to a wider selection of schools in future. Knowing that you're interested will help us prioritise our work.

What is the process?

We do all the setup work on your behalf

We need permission from the school for the energy usage data to be published

The process is very straight-forward. The main thing we need from your school is permission to publish your energy usage data as open data. We've included an email template below.

The setup process involves the following steps:

  1. The head teacher or other school contact must send an email to to as to be enrolled and to give permission for the energy usage data to be published. See the suggested template below
  2. We will work with the council to publish your data. This may take a few weeks to action
  3. We will setup an account for you on Energy Sparks.
  4. Once your data is available you'll be able to see how the data looks in the service before you profile is made public. This gives us an opportunity to test everything is working
  5. Your profile is made public and you can begin using the service

How do I give permission for data to be published?

A suggested email template


Subject: Enrolling in Energy Sparks


I would like to enrol [SCHOOL NAME] in the Energy Sparks service to allow the school to better monitor our energy usage.

I understand that in order for this to happen, our energy usage data will need to be published under an open licence to the Bath: Hacked data store. This includes both ongoing and historical data.

I understand that publishing the data under an open licence will allow it to be accessed, used and shared by anyone, including the Energy Sparks team.

I would like to give permission to the council to begin publishing our energy usage data at the earliest opportunity.