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  • Do you know what gas is used for at your school? Is it used for heating the building and hot water, and cooking in the school kitchen?
  • Compare gas use during the summer and winter
  • When are the times of day when most gas is used? What is happening then? Is there a peak in gas use across lunchtime, if gas is used for cooking in the school kitchens? During the winter there will also be a peak in gas use in the morning as the school heats up ready for the pupils and teachers to arrive.
  • Does gas heat all of your school, or just some buildings or areas?
  • How much does your gas use reduce at the weekend or in the school holidays?
  • Are there times of day when no gas is used? These are most likely to be overnight, although during very cold weather some heating may be necessary overnight to prevent the school pipes from freezing.

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