The school has a prominent display showing up-to-date information about saving energy

20 Spreading the message KS1, KS2

Print off some of the Energy Sparks charts to show how the school uses electricity and gas over the day. Take some photos or draw some pictures showing the main uses of energy around the school. Display your school action play to save  energy, and regularly update your display to show how the school is doing against your targets. Print off Energy Sparks charts comparing energy use before and after you started carrying out actions to reduce your energy use. 

This activity links with many other Energy Sparks activities, as good publicity will ensure  your other investigations and activities are successful and maintained long term. 

Consider installing a real-time energy monitor such as an OWL or Geo Solo to show real time changes in electricity use. These allow pupils to see the immediate impact of switching off electrical appliances or lights. 
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